If You've Trained Hard,
You'll Achieve Your Goal...Right?

You put in the miles, pushed your body to the limits, ran the race and missed your goal. What?? How did this happen?

Win Your Mental Battle and You'll Win Your Race! 

Runners often prepare for the physical challenge of a race, but leave the mental challenge to chance. Believe me, I fell into the same trap! But once I prepared my mind for the mental challenges, I reached my goals and you can too! I'm here to teach you the strategies and techniques to believe in yourself and achieve your goals on and off the course.

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Mile 20:
Mental Training to Win Your Race

What You'll Receive...


IIn every race there's a moment when you'll want to slow down, give up, or quit. You'll learn mental skills to deploy in those moments to stay strong!


Step up to the starting line with confidence. No more second-guessing or what-if's; you'll be ready for wherever the road takes you.


Success and accountability go hand-in-hand. That's why you'll receive full access to a community of runners who are there to support you and resources to help you reach your goals.

This course will give you
the confidence to:

  • Stand with your head held high at your next race
  • Know that you HAVE trained your mind
  • Know that you HAVE done everything you could do to be ready for the race
  • Know what to say to talk yourself off the ledge when the wheels fall off
  • Know how to get your head back in the race.

The Course Layout...

Week 1: Believing In Yourself

Focus: Finding your strengths

This week, your biggest strengths will be revealed. These strengths will not only help you as a runner, but also help you achieve your dreams beyond running. Best of all, it will help you to become the person you want to be.

Week 2: Finding Joy In Your Running

Focus: Finding your why

Discover what motivates you,not only as a runner but as a human. You will learn how to hold your head high, feeling confident in who you are and what you are ready to achieve both in life and running.

Week 3: Building Your Confidence In Running

Focus: Finding your running advantages and building habits

In week three, you will learn how to reframe your thinking and develop confidence in your running strengths by building on all that you have overcome to get to this very moment. We will take the changes that you have been trying to make for years and turn them into good habits that will stick

Week 4: Positive Self Talk

Focus: Be your own best friend!

In week four, you'll learn how to deal with problem thoughts during the race and how to talk back to them in a rational manner. Your own worst critic is yourself; it's time to turn that around and be your own best friend!

Week 5: Journaling

Focus: Finding your voice

Uncover the magic of journaling in week five, as your thoughts evolve during this training cycle. Journaling will provide an outlet to reflect and to process how your training is going on a deeper level.

Week 6: Deliberate Practice

Focus: Finding out how to train your mind and body

During week six, you will learn and be reminded of the methods needed to produce the result about which you have been dreaming. This week will provide support and encouragement when motivation is low and fatigue is high.

Week 7: Mental Imagery

Focus: Finding your visualization skills

Distinguish yourself from other runners by using the secret weapon of mental imagery. This week, you will identify all of the situations that could derail your perfect race and prepare solutions for how to handle them.

Week 8: Mantras

Focus: Finding your power words

In week eight, you will establish a mantra that is powerful enough to pull you through the most difficult moments of a race when you just want to back down or quit.

Week 9: Distraction

Focus: Finding your inner child

Week nine will explore nine different distraction techniques. You will learn how to shift your thinking from how far you have left to go to what you can control in the moment.

Week 10: Setting Goals

Focus: Finding your potential

During week ten you will reconstruct your entire running future through three levels of running goals. I will help you select goals that are right for you. These are goals that will inspire the dreamer in you to chase down and achieve a potential you never knew was possible.

Week 11: Mental Bottles

Focus: Finding your most powerful motivators

Week eleven will provide you with a secret weapon to support you through the most difficult moments of the race. By diversifying your thinking throughout the race, you can and will have a better handle on your mental toughness.

Week 12: Pre Race Tactics

Focus: Finding your way out of panic

In preparation for race day, this week will provide you with the tools to stand on the start line with confidence and strength. Master your nerves and convert the adrenaline pulsing through your body into a powerful source of energy that you can use in the race.

BONUS: Post Race Reflection

Focus: Finding your future

Determine how to assess your race. Pick out the learning points and take them forward to your future races. Ride the high or get through the low with support and encouragement.

What is the cost?

For $297, you will get:

  • 16 videos explaining various concepts of mental training
  • A 12-week course to dramatically strengthen your mental ability
  • Weekly email check-ins to evaluate your progress, and reminders about your weekly focus
  • 24 action sheets to help you work through the course
  • Access to an exclusive members-only “Mile 20” Facebook group
  • An accountability group of other runners who are also in the process, so you can share experiences
  • 4 additional PDFs to help you with other areas of training
  • LIFETIME ACCESS to the complete course AND bonus sections


Stop doubt from shattering your dreams

We know that our mind is what lets us down on race day. This course will stop your mind from being your weak spot

About Your Mental Training Course Mentor

Hello, my friend! 

My name is Tina Muir. I am a 2:36 marathoner, founder of Running For Real, and host of the Running For Real podcast (which has over 5 million downloads!). During my time as an elite, I prided myself on being real (hence the name "Running for Real"). Even if other elite runners couldn’t share their weaknesses, I felt that being real was the most important thing. Other runners would put me on a pedestal, as though it was easy for me to run fast. I can see why. Elites do look like gazelles bounding across the ground at a speed the ordinary person can only dream of running. They make it look so easy.
Except it isn’t easy. Or if it is, I wasn’t let in on that secret.
We are straining just as hard as you. We just have gotten better at hiding it and learning how to handle that nasty voice that tells you to slow down, stop, or just quit already. We know what to say back to it to make it retreat into its dingy cave. We know how to pull ourselves out of that negative spiral that happens when you find yourself trapped in a panic.
I have created this course to give you the tactics, the skills, and the resources to do the same. That voice is never going to completely go away, but I can give you everything you need to learn how to handle it.
I have compiled all of the advice I have ever learned from my own running experiences, along with dozens of sports psychologists, performance coaches, and mental coaches. It's here. All in one place.
You are never going to reach those big dreams without some mental training. I would be honored to be the one to take the journey with you and help you.

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"Mile 20 Mental Training course was a game changer for me. After only 12 weeks I am a more focused athlete, I feel calm and prepared going into races, I am able to control self talk, my ability to push through pain is better and my times have improved significantly. Prior to taking the course I trained very hard but never addressed the mental side of running. In my recent marathon, the last six miles were my fastest of the race, I finished strong and got a BQ pb. Mile 20 Mental Training is amazing! "


"Who knew that kindness and joy could be the root of mental toughness? While positivity turns out to be much more effective as a motivator than harsh, critical self-punishment, the discipline we all seek (and let's face it, that is the heart of mental toughness) grows out of digging in: getting honest with ourselves, showing up, and doing the work, (all while being kind!). As a Psychologist, many of the exercises Tina provides in this course were familiar to me from my work as proven methods of helping people to improve their mental health. They also - focused this way, specifically for runners, on training for races - work wonders to improve running experience and performance. Having weekly videos, personal emails and a set of activities to follow as well as a community of others going through the same thing brings results that will bring joy to your next race"


"Having access to the mile 20 training course over the last 12 weeks has been an incredible experience. Having weekly homework and check ins based on where you are within the program was extremely helpful to keep me on track. Over the last 12 weeks, I have developed tools and strengths that I did not have prior to this course. I had a successful training cycle going into my Fall race at the Indy Monumental Marathon. I have a new mindset that will move forward with me into my next and future goal races. If you are on the fence about this program and consider your mind to be your biggest inhibitor (like I did), I highly recommend taking this course leading into your goal race. Tina has created something that is simple but very effective."


"I’ve just completed the Mile 20- mental training course. I was one of the lucky ones that got an early spot in the first series before it became open to everyone. This course is everything and has everything! Each week you gain new tools to use to get you through some of the toughest part of your races. There were some days I felt maybe I wasn’t absorbing it all until I would be out on a run and one of the tools I had learned from the course would come to me and I started to use it during that training session and without saying, it absolutely helped. The mental side of training can be one of the most difficult to conquer but I would recommend this course to everyone. Even if you haven’t struggled on that side of things yet there are still huge benefits to every tool that Tina gives during this training session. There are even some things that I thought “well huh?!” They even thought about that too! Hand down worth everything to complete this and the fact you can have lifetime access to go back and do it all over is amazing! "


"Tina’s mental training program has been such a fabulous experience! She exudes passion and generously shares her knowledge. The program will change your running life and life in general, it will make you feel at ease. I can not recommend it, and Tina, enough"


"It is not just a bunch of collected quotes. It is really a process that we can use to move forward and to measure our progress. The mental course has been more than what I expected. The work sheets, do take time, but well worth it. Be real, you want to change the way you think, then you have to do the exercises and change. The idea I can repeat the course or skip to where I need 1 year, 2 years down the road is great. "


"There is no question that the Running for Real, Mile 20 Mental Training course was life-changing for me. I feel that the lessons in the class, the recommendations that you and your colleagues provided based upon your experience, and your personal engagement have helped me move a long way towards being the best “me” that I can be. I embraced this class with commitment and determination to do the work. As you said along the way, “How badly do you want it?” Not only did it put me in a strong place mentally and physically for my Mar. 7, 2020 15K race, I am a changed person! Not only am I so thankful for the things in my life, I constantly have a “positivity” mindset and outlook. And all that I had to do was look for it. I also have learned what it takes to be mentally tough and have the confidence that I can do difficult things and not be limited by my mind."


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